Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making the Most of Your Engagement and Wedding Pictures

This will be a two part series on how to get great pictures at your wedding or engagement session.

Let's start with engagement pictures.

Understand that 99% of all couples are a little nervous/uncomfortable in front of the camera. This is the main reason why we do the engagement session. This provides me not only a great opportunity to get to know each of you better, but also understand what techniques help keep you relaxed in front of the camera.

I will use some of Sue and Paul's pictures. You might remember them from my post here.

Step No 1: Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Almost every couple I have ever photographed at one point turned to me and said, “How are we doing?”.

Don’t worry about how you are doing. We will work as a team to get great pictures. Your only job is to not put too much pressure on yourself or your partner.

Especially in the beginning of a session couples are a little more nervous, but by the end of the session I promise that we will have some amazing and fun pictures.

You can see below the difference in body language from a picture taken in the very beginning of Sue and Paul’s session and one taken right at the end.

A picture from the beginning of the session.


Overall a good picture, but compare it to the picture below taken well into the session and see how the body language is totally different. They don't even remember that I am there.


Step No. 2: Talk, hug, kiss, laugh, smile
You’ve gotten over the paparazzi like attention that you are receiving, but now you are not sure what to do. Stand, walk, sit, kiss…”What do you want us to do?” is another popular question that a lot of couples ask.

The simple answer is talk to each other , hug each other, kiss each other, laugh with each other. The more that you interact with your partner the better the pictures will be. Talk about how you met, how you got in engaged, memories that you share as a couple. This will bring out the natural emotion and playfulness in each of you which makes for great pictures.

Check out the pictures below where Sue and Paul were able to do just this.




And because I love so many of Sue and Paul’s engagement pictures here are a few more of my favorites.






Next week I will talk about how to make the most of your wedding pictures!

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